Birds Eye View Microlight Aircraft Specialists

Since the dawn of history, mankind has had the dream of flying like a birdPilot: Gavin Penfold

Some of man's earliest experiments with flight were in crafts we would now call hang gliders, but rapid development in the field of aviation soon relegated these beautiful machines to the dustbin of history.

With the recent advent of hang gliders and microlights it is once again possible to taste the sheer exhilaration of no frills aviations in a way that the use of modern aerodynamic design and materials know-how has rendered both safe and affordable for all.

In one of the most unique and picturesque environments in the whole of Australia, from canyons to reefs, from Turtles to Dugongs, from Manta Rays to Tiger Sharks, from Whale Sharks to Humpback Whales, we invite you to.

Get High On.. Ningaloo